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Our goal is to have strong families: parents working; children are succeeding in school; and be healthy, safe, and prepared for a productive adulthood. 

 Caring Communities is Missouri's ambitious cross-system reforms initiative. This work grew from several community and state initiatives since November 1993.  By developing community-based supports and services, the aim is to enhance the well-being of children, which is inseparable from the well-being of their families and the stability and economic viability of the communities where they live.

The Ripley County Caring Community Partnership is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation that has been designated by the state of Missouri to serve as a local governance partnership, the decision-making entity that partners with the state of Missouri and local communities to plan, develop, finance and monitor strategies designed to achieve our six core results. 

     1)  Children Ready to Enter School

     2)  Children Succeeding In School

     3)  Children and Families Safe

     4)  Children and Families Healthy

     5)  Youth Ready to Enter a Productive Adulthood

     6)  Parents Working


  • Improving results for children and families requires a dramatic change in the way services are organized and delivered. Four policy directions shape and guide Missouri's system reform initiative to improving results.

  • Being accountable for achieving results

  • Bringing services closer to where families live and children attend school

  • Active community involvement in decisions that affect their well-being

  • Using dollars more flexibly and effectively to meet community needs

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
President: Russell French - SEMO Risk Management
Vice-President: Michael Williams - Ripley County Clerk
Treasurer: Donna Barnett - Ripley County Public Administrator
Secretary: Penny Fowler – Community Member 
Board of Directors
John Grim - Community Member 

Jared Baker - SC Missouri Community Action Agency

Chris Kirby - MO Probation and Parole
April Black - MO Department of Mental Health



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